The Interview about the book by Volker Dick.

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The Mandolin Picker's Guide to Bluegrass Improvisation

A new book on improvisation is now available for bluegrass mandolin players.  Based on the concept of learning by playing, the 200 page book covers a wide range of improvisation tools and how to implement them in your playing.  Read more.


Don Stiernberg's statement:

In teaching,discussing,or learning improvisation, the challenge is in balancing the theoretical with the practical. In "The Mandolin Picker's guide to Bluegrass Improvisation", Jesper Ruebner-Petersen brings it all together smoothly. Starting with his experience as a great bluegrass and jazz mandolin improviser, and adding a LOT of hard work, Jesper has crafted a manual that is very thorough but also easy to follow. Read more.


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