Mr. Jazz Mandolin

Swing and Jazz music played on the mandolin, - does that work? Yes, for sure it does! The Danish-born mandolin player Jesper Rübner-Petersen is one of the few ones, who masterly “Swings the strings” on that tiny instrument. To alternate the sound of the mandolin, Jesper has started a musically cooperation together with the three renowned Bavarian jazz-musicians: Alwin Zwibel (double-bass), Pit Decker (Jazz-guitar) and drummer Günther Steininger. The programme of Mr. Jazz Mandolin is basically a mixture of Jazz and Swing standards, “seasoned” with some mandolin music like Brasilian Choro, Western Swing or even a Serenade. Jespers aim is it, to create a homely atmosphere while playing, but also to produce a sound interesting to more people then just the hardcore jazz-fans. So, if you’re into American oriented String-Jazz (and maybe some Danish anecdotes) you shouldn’t miss an extraordinary concert with Jesper, Alwin, Pit and Günther.





Trio V i b r a ç ã o



 What was originally planned as a duo in the
summer of 2000, ultimately became a meeting
of these three virtuosos: acoustic guitarist Oliver
Waitze, mandolin player Jesper Rübner-
Petersen and double bassist Max Schaaf.
“Swing that music" is their musical motto, and
it is impressively demonstrated on their CD
release "A Jazzy Note". Together, the three
musicians amalgamate their qualities as a
"vibrating trio" to form an extremely
entertaining musical ménage à trois. The Trio
Vibracao is revered for exquisite taste, tone,
and a high level of virtuosity and enormous
joy at playing, with a repertoire that consists
of hot Swing, Gypsy-jazz, Brazilian choro,
New Acoustic Music and traditional Bluegrass.

Booking: (Oliver Waitze) g