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Jesper Rübner-Petersen was born on the 8th of July 1969 in Aarhus, Denmark, where he grew up with Bluegrass and Acoustic Music which he experienced from his banjo playing father. At the age of 12 Jesper started to play the guitar and very soon he was playing in different Oldtime and Bluegrass Bands, performing at gigs and festivals all over Europe. Beside playing bluegrass, Jesper decided to follow the jazz program at the "American Institute of Music" in Vienna (Austria), which he completed in March 1993. Around 1994, after years of intensive guitar playing, Jesper bought himself a mandolin in order to try out a second instrument, - a purchase which changed his life. In July 2000 Jesper moved to South-Germany, where he also started a professional career as a guitar and mandolin teacher. At the same time, he started teaching at Beppe Gambetta's Summer-Workshop, the International Workshop Musique Acoustique in Belgium, the Mandolin-Workshop at the New Acoustic Gallery and other local workshops. Over the years, Jesper always stayed loyal to handmade music, playing everything from traditional Bluegrass to New Acoustic Music and Jazz

Jesper is playing a Gibson F5L, a Stiver F5 Custom, a Gibson A2 from 1924/25 and is an Eastman MDO 305 Artist.

And use GHS STRINGS LSB250 Silk and Bronze

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